Friday, 24 January 2014

Channels TV You Tube Subscriber Base Hits 100, 000

Channels Television’s You Tube subscriber base has hit 100, 000. This makes the 8th time Nigerian Television station of the Year, the fourth station in Africa to reach and surpass the mark in Africa.
The You Tube Channel was created in February 2011 and has allowed viewers from across the world to view their favourite programmes from the comfort of their homes, phones, offices and choice spots.
To serve the entirety of the society, short clips from the stables of the Channels Web Team, news reports and programmes are also uploaded for viewers with little access to  bandwidth.
Meanwhile, on other social media fronts, Channels Television continues to maintain its lead on Google Plus, with two hundred and thirty nine thousand followers, three hundred and ninety one thousand, eight hundred followers on twitter and three hundred and sixty eight thousand, one hundred and twenty six likes on Facebook.
The You Tube Channel has been viewed over fourteen million times.